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Adult Soccer Socks For Women & Men


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Are you getting ready for your adult soccer league? Our team recommends the Elite Breaker Soccer Socks for soccer practice or games. Men’s soccer socks can be too tight. If you cut soccer socks, they just don’t last very long. Some of our favorites offer extra cross stretch for your shin guards so you don't need to cut holes in the back. The Prosport and new Prosport Striped socks look and feel great. Surprisingly, socks are a leading culprit of foot pain. Don’t let an old, unsupportive sock keep you off the field.


TCK has been manufacturing socks since 1961. As we have grown, so has our production. TCK Sports provides quality where it matters. We are based in North Carolina. TCK socks are both made in the USA and overseas. Our team will always do our best to ensure that each order is sent out with the best quality. Unfortunately, we get things wrong on occasion. Our customer service team responds quickly and we always try to make things right with our customers. Fast and free ground shipping on every order + easy returns. TCK has the best soccer socks for players of all abilities and ages.

Quality Features

  • Moisture wicking keeps legs cool and dry during the game
  • Double-welt tops stop socks from slipping down your player’s shins
  • Compression support around ankles and foot arches reduces fatigue
  • Performance materials including lycra, nylon, and elastic will keep your feet pain-free for all 90 minutes

Need help figuring out which size to buy? Check out our size chart below!

Shoe Size:

X-Small - Youth 8-2

Small - Youth 2-4.5

Medium - Men's 5-9 or Women's 6-10

Large - Men's 9-12 or Women's 10-13

X-Large - Men's 12+ or Women's 13+ 

Whether you are placing an order for the first time with TCK or a returning customer, we hope you find joy and satisfaction when joining the TCK family.


We have some of the hottest pink socks! Check out our most popular Prosport in bright pinkregular pink or 3 stripe version. If you are looking for an over the knee version, we have the hot pink version here. We also have hot pink and black in the Finale 3 Stripe and Elite Breaker. The FinaleFinale 3 Stripe come with added cross stretch, providing room for shin guards. Stand out with our fun girls soccer socks!


Looking for something longer? Soccer socks are special in that they are designed to be worn over shin guards. They must be long, stay in place, have enough room for shin guards, and stand up to the outdoor environment. TCK Soccer Socks provide all the above. The double welt top will keep your socks in place and prevent them from rolling down over your shin guards during the game.  The lightweight, premium materials will keep them from weighing you down by wicking away moisture!

Our mens and womens soccer socks are available in two different lengths designed specifically for soccer players. Over the calf soccer socks are designed to go right below the knee, leaving plenty of room for a shin guard. Over the knee soccer socks are designed to be pulled up above the knee for extra comfort with the same great benefits. TCK has both options for you to try. Many great features and designs at an affordable price make TCK socks one of the best soccer socks on the market.


As more soccer players are moving towards grip socks, TCK designed a premium soccer sock sleeve. Made of high quality yarns. The unique design is breathable, allowing air flow out the back of the sleeve so you stay cool during the game.


Still have questions? Try checking our FAQ or reach out to our excellent customer service team here!