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Baseball Socks for Boys and Men

  • TCK Premium Leather Baseball Belt Softball Belt

    Premium Leather Baseball Belt Softball Belt

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    Product Features HIGH QUALITY LEATHER BASEBALL BELT OR SOFTBALL BELT: Our adjustable genuine leather baseball belt is great for players, coaches,...

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    Original price $25.99 - Original price $25.99
    Original price
    $25.99 - $25.99
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If your favorite baseball player is ready to take the next step, they’re going to need the best baseball socks. Quality matters, and that’s exactly what TCK baseball socks provide. We are based in North Carolina, and while most of our socks are made in the USA, a few select styles are made overseas to provide you the best value for your hard-earned buck. No more discovering holes in your youth players socks. TCK socks are meant to be played in! Whether you’re running past third and heading for home plate or sliding in safe at second base, you can trust that our socks will hold up on game day.

Why TCK?

  • Moisture wicking keeps legs cool and dry during the game
  • Double-welt tops stop socks from slipping down your player’s shins
  • Technical yarns that control bacterial and odor build up
  • Compression support around ankles and foot arches stops young legs from tiring
  • Performance materials including lycra, nylon, and elastic will keep your feet happy through all 9 innings

With all those benefits, your kids’ game is sure to benefit as well. It’s a win on and off the baseball field. Can’t find socks that fit your baseball uniform? Our over the calf socks are designed to go up to the knee. Knee high baseball socks are perfect to wear with boy’s and men’s baseball knickers! If that’s not long enough, or your socks have a habit of slipping down, we also offer over the knee baseball socks for extra coverage!

Perfect for boys and girls of all ages, TCK Sports has a wide variety of youth and adult sizes. Once you find your perfect fit, find your perfect style with solid and striped baseball socks available in all the best color combinations to match your youth baseball teams uniform. Available color combinations include black, red, white, blue, green, purple, and more! Consider pairing your socks with our baseball belts to complete your look! If it’s event or seasonal specific socks you’re after, we also carry in-stock Patriotic USA American Flag socks as well as Breast Cancer Awareness socks! Need them fast? Our socks are in-stock and ready to ship as soon as your order is placed! We understand the importance of fast shipping and will do our best to get your youth sports team their socks in time for their next game!

Need help figuring out which size to buy? Check out our size chart below!

Shoe Size:

X-Small - Youth 8-2

Small - Youth 2-4.5

Medium - Men's 5-9 or Women's 6-10

Large - Men's 9-12 or Women's 10-13

X-Large - Men's 12+ or Women's 13+



Traditional baseball stirrups provide a classic style. Look and feel like the pros in our top-of-the-line stirrups! Stirrups secure under the heel to keep them in place on your player’s foot and will easily fit over your socks! Our stirrups are available in a huge selection of patterns and the most popular team colors such as black, red, white, Columbia blue, navy, green, purple, and more! If you’re looking for socks with stripes, stirrups are a fantastic option. Try pairing your socks with our sanitary socks to complete your look!


Do you want the feel of a traditional baseball sock with the classic look of a stirrup? Your search ends here. Our stirrup socks are a fan favorite as the popular 2 in 1 youth baseball socks combine the best of both worlds and are available in the most popular team colors such as black, red, white, Columbia blue, orange, green, purple, and more! Try pairing your socks with our baseball belts to complete your look!


Looking for socks that go over the knee? TCK provides high quality extra long baseball socks. Long sports socks are gaining more popularity with athletes and players. Check out our best selling long, over the knee socks here. With 10+ colors, including white over the knee socks, black, navy and red.


Add the final touches to your game day outfit and help your young ones look their best on the mound or at the plate! We offer several different belt options in the same popular team colors including black, red, white, blue, green, purple, and more! Save money by shopping for both at the same time with our baseball socks and belts combo!


If your team is looking for custom baseball socks, or click here to reach out to our team. Custom baseball socks mens and boys teams look great on the field.


Questions? Try checking our FAQ or reach out to our excellent customer service team here!