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Free Shipping on All Orders!

Stirrups for Baseball & Softball

Looking for the best stirrups? We have the ultimate baseball stirrups for players who want to add some extra swag to their game! Our stirrups are designed with both style and performance in mind, making them the perfect choice for athletes who demand the best.

Crafted from high-quality materials, these stirrups are built to last. The stretchy fabric ensures a comfortable and secure fit, while the moisture-wicking properties help to keep your legs dry and protected from the dirt.

Available in a wide range of colors and patterns, our stirrups allow you to customize your look and show off your team spirit. Whether you prefer classic stripes or bold graphics, we have the perfect style to match your unique personality and style.

But don't let the fun design fool you – these stirrups are also designed for performance. The exposed lower leg provides better airflow and temperature regulation, making them ideal for hot summer days. And with a sleek, streamlined design, you won't have to worry about your pants getting caught on cleats or other equipment during play.

So if you're looking to take your game to the next level, add some extra swag to your style, and stay comfortable and cool on the field, our baseball stirrups are the perfect choice. Try them out today and experience the ultimate in style and performance!

Made in the USA

Proudly made in North Carolina

Double Welt Top

Ensures the sock stays up and doesn't slip down.

Dry Moisture Control

Advanced yarns help wick away moisture

What makes baseball stirrups so popular?

Stirrups are often considered to be a part of a player's "swag" on the field. Stirrups can be worn in a variety of colors and patterns, allowing players to express their individual style and show off their team spirit. Many players choose to wear stirrups that match their team's colors or feature unique designs, such as stripes or logos.

Baseball stirrups are a type of sock that is worn by baseball players. Baseball stirrups have been a traditional part of baseball uniforms for many decades, and their popularity is due in part to their association with the history and traditions of the sport. Many baseball fans appreciate the classic look of players wearing stirrups, and some teams have even made them a mandatory part of their uniform. Additionally, they can be worn in a variety of colors and patterns, making them a popular accessory for players to express their individuality and team spirit. 

Overall, the popularity of baseball stirrups is a combination of their traditional appeal, their ability to help players express their individuality and team spirit, and their functional benefits on the field.

Sock Size Chart

Sock To Shoe Size

  • Extra Small (Youth Shoe Size 8-12)
  • Small (Youth Shoe Size 12-5)
  • Medium (Women's Shoe Size 5-10, Men's Shoe Size 5-9)
  • Large (Women's Shoe Size 10-13, Men's Shoe Size 9-12)
  • X-Large (Men's Shoe Size 12-15)

Stirrup Socks Care Instructions

  • Machine Wash Cold With Like Colors.
  • Use Only Non-Chlorine Bleach When Needed.
  • Tumble Dry Low.
black and red baseball stirrups


Traditional baseball stirrups provide a classic style. Look and feel like the pros in our top-of-the-line stirrups! Stirrups secure under the heel to keep them in place on your player’s foot and will easily fit over your socks! Our stirrups are available in a huge selection of patterns and the most popular team colors such as black, red, white, Columbia blue, navy, green, purple, and more! If you’re looking for socks with stripes, stirrups are a fantastic option. Try pairing your socks with our sanitary socks to complete your look!

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blue stirrup socks


Do you want the feel of a traditional baseball sock with the classic look of a stirrup? Your search ends here. Our stirrup socks are a fan favorite as the popular 2 in 1 youth baseball socks combine the best of both worlds and are available in the most popular team colors such as black, red, white, Columbia blue, orange, green, purple, and more! Try pairing your socks with our baseball belts to complete your look!

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TCK Navy/White/Scarlet / Large Striped Baseball Stirrups 7 Inch Pattern E


Looking for white softball stirrups? Or, not finding the colors for your team? TCK offers custom stirrups for baseball or softball. High-quality and made in the USA. Design your own unique stirrups for your team! Minimum of 12 stirrups and free shipping on all orders. Please allow 2-4 weeks for customs socks and stirrups. 

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A USA Company

Twin City Knitting (TCK) was founded in North Carolina in 1961, where we still operate today. We got our start making a quintessential piece of the baseball uniform: the high-legging stirrup. Now, after 60 years of working with athletic teams, we have become the league leader in team socks. When purchasing TCK products, you can feel proud to support a USA based company that directly supports American employees.