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Wool Outdoor Socks For Men & Women


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From the rich heritage of North Carolina comes a sock collection that understands the heart of every adventurer. Our Wool Outdoor Socks are meticulously crafted in North Carolina, reflecting a commitment to quality, authenticity, and the spirit of the great outdoors.

Versatile by Nature: Whether mountain biking, trail running, hiking, or hunting, these socks rise to the occasion. Experience comfort and durability tailored for every terrain and activity.

Distinctive Designs: Our collection boasts three iconic patterns:

  • Camo: Merge with nature. Featuring a half-cushioned footbed for agile steps.
  • Sunset Mountains: Embrace the colors of the horizon with a full cushion footbed, ensuring plush comfort.
  • Striped: A timeless design with a modern twist, also featuring a half-cushioned footbed for balanced support.

Natural Wool Wonders: Made of genuine wool, our socks promise insulation, efficient moisture-wicking, and inherent odor resistance.

Two Levels of Cushioning: Catering to diverse needs, choose from our full cushion footbed for ultimate comfort or the half cushioned footbed for a nimble experience.

Celebrating the union of North Carolina craftsmanship and nature-inspired design, our Wool Outdoor Socks Collection is a testament to quality and passion. Made for both men and women, each pair is a promise of comfort, durability, and a touch of the wild. Explore the collection and let every step echo the spirit of adventure.