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Free Shipping on All Orders!

2022 Christmas and Holiday Gift Guide For Sport Socks

The Best Socks To Give Each Athlete

If you are a first timer to TCK or our website here is our guide for shopping this holiday season. If you aren't sure about TCK as a brand you would purchase from, you can watch a cool video learn more about us here and see our deals for this holiday season here.

Now, it’s never too early to start shopping for Christmas and the holidays. Here’s our nifty gift guide to help you get started. Now, I know what you’re thinking: socks for Christmas and the holidays is cliché. But hear me out. Socks can be an excellent gift and can also provide the twofer. 1) What they want. 2) What they need.

Sports socks can provide you with comfort, warmth, and a feeling of security, and isn’t that what the holidays are really about? Being happy, feeling loved and cared for. Socks for sports and athletes is also a necessity. So, without further ado, here are our favorite socks for each athlete!

The Stocking Stuffer - For The Casual Crew Athlete or Parent 

Have you tried TCK's 6 pack of work crew socks? If you haven't, you should. Let me explain why you need these socks in 2 words. COMFORT and DURABILITY. That's right. These socks are extremely soft and are ready to go to work for your feet all day long. Don't believe me? We gave some pairs to our delivery drivers and they LOVED them. Does someone have to work on their feet all day to enjoy these socks? No! These socks are great for anyone who wants a comfortable crew sock. Take them to the gym. Mom's and Dad's can enjoy these at the ball fields. Available in a longer version, here.

Also, the casual work crew and over the calf versions are on sale! BOGO 50% off this Christmas season.

Gift Idea! Got multiple boys in the family? Buy multiple colors, mix and match the socks in their stockings.

The Basketball Player

The Baseline 3.0 is a high performance sock. TCK provides advanced yarns to help odor and moisture control, preventing blisters. Making it the best basketball socks you will find. These socks come in over 20+ team color combinations!

Also, check out the Solid Performance Socks and the 3-Pack Basketball Socks

The Environmental Friendly Athlete

This next sock checks off ALL the boxes.

  • Super Soft? Yes ✅
  • Made for Performance? Yes ✅
  • Comfortable? Yes ✅
  • Environmental Friendly? Yes ✅ 

These 3 pack of socks are made with recycled yarns from Repreve. Repreve takes plastic bottles and makes them into yarns that we can use and wear! Pretty freaking cool. Great for basketball, volleyball and football. Wear these on and off the court!


Available in other silhouettes!

  • Low Cut
  • Low Cut w/ Tab - My day-to-day sock. I swear by these and wear them with all the time. Great for everyday use, running and going to the gym!

Long Sports Sock Athlete

Our next item on the list is becoming increasingly popular. With baseball, softball, football and soccer players opting for shorter shorts and pants, many are opting for longer sports socks. We give you The Pro Plus Over the Knee Socks.


    The Next World Cup Star

    World Cup fever got you ready to get back out on the pitch? The Prosport 3 Stripe Soccer Socks is our overall favorite soccer sock. Look good, play good!

    Also, checkout some of our top selling soccer styles, Finale, Elite Breaker and our Soccer Sleeves. TCK Soccer Sleeves have a unique and cool design and look great on the field.

    The Baseball and Softball Junkie

    Got a baseball or softball player that loves the game? Get them some #stirrupswag. As one customer said "The dopest stirrups on the planet." -Robby Rowland.

    TCK makes the best stirrups. Baseball and softball players looking for a classic look are in for a treat with TCK stirrups.



    Side note: You can check out Robby's #StirrupSwag on his Instagram account here. Give him a follow for great content. You won't be disappointed.

    The Multi-Sport Athlete

    Look no further than TCK's best selling sock, The PROSPORT. Simply the best sports sock. Baseball, softball, soccer, football, field hockey, you name the game, these socks crush it. The Prosport is the gold standard. With +11,500 reviews on Amazon and a 4.8 star rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (mic drops).

    The Next Big Dill

    Has someone close to you recently picked up pickleball? Oh, the obsession. You are not alone. And not to worry, TCK has you covered. TCK pickeball socks provide the ultimate comfort and are available in 3 silhouettes. 

    The Comfiest Sports Socks

    Looking for a comfy sock that can last through the vigorous schedule of practices and games? Look for the React Multisport Socks. The stand out feature of this sock, is it's SUPER SOFT. A smooth toe seam along with a reinforced heel and toe, make it the ultimate in COMFORT. A classic multisport sock. Great for any sport! Including basketball, football, and volleyball. 

    Available in other silhouettes!


    We've got even more socks to choose from and for just about every athlete. Make sure to take a look at them all. We love to help, so just give us a shout!